Why Join Venturing?

Venture Crew: 3 Reasons You Should Join

written by: Amani Abukhater

Although the time you will spend with your Venture Crew will be fun either way, there are three things that make joining a crew an enjoyable and eventful experience.

  1. Friendship. Whether you make new friends in the crew or make your old friends join your crew, hanging out with them will always be fun. From playing games to going camping, you will become very close with the people in your crew.
  2. Cool events. Events range from hanging out and playing games to high-adventure activities like whitewater rafting and week-long backpacking trips; from go-karting to shooting a rifle. Of course, each crew has specific activities that they specialize in. Our crew loves to hang out, play games, and try out different fun activities in our area.
  3. Snacks. Haha, only joking. Snacks are pretty great, but the third best thing about Venturing is good, old-fashioned community service. Not only do you better the community by doing it, but you do it with people you enjoy being around. It’s a win-win situation either way. The Crew I am in is working on some projects but we mostly help out at council events. We help at the flag planting on Memorial Day and several of our group volunteer at Cub Camp during the summer.

In the end, the time you spend with your Venture Crew friends will create memories you will never forget!


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