Easy Summer Recruiting

written by: Odette Abukhater

You know the expression, ‘Out of site is out of mind.’ Well, all those boys (and their parents) who were wildly excited about joining scouts in spring will fade away during the summer if you don’t keep up your recruitment activities!

And the best type of recruiting is having fun. And we all know that the best type of fun for scouts is being outdoors.

I can hear you all groaning now. “We want a break! No, we need a break!”

Well, here’s the trick. Planning fun, summertime activities does not have to be elaborate, time-consuming, or a big headache. You just need a venue for scouts to get together, have a good time, and invite their friends. There doesn’t need to be any ceremony. And there can be very little organization other than shooting a message out to your Pack/Crew/Troop email.

Here are the simple steps to plan an easy summer event for your scouts and their friends.

First, decide on an easy activity that you and your kids enjoy. If you plan a quick activity and no one can make it, then at least you and your kids will enjoy the time. Five quick and easy activities that I have tried successfully are

  • Basketball
  • Hiking
  • Capture the Flag
  • Toilet Tag (or any other kind of tag you can come up with)
  • Biking

Second, choose the location where you will meet. Local parks are always the easiest and the best. We have also met at the local elementary school for basketball or for large playing fields for tag and Capture the Flag.

Third, pick a date and time. I like to send something out about two weeks before the fact telling people what we are doing and reminding them to bring their own equipment. But I have sent messages out on a Tuesday for the next Thursday for something like basketball…and people came.

Fourth, go out and enjoy yourself!

Recruitment during summer shouldn’t be a hassle. Having fun is the best invitation a boy needs to join scouts. Provide the fun….without the pain…and everyone wins!


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