Dutch Oven Cooking Tips

Written By: Odette Abukhater dutchoven cooking

Camping season is slowly waning down now that school is starting but that doesn’t mean you can’t try different camp style cooking.

As always, when cooking over an open fire, follow all the rules for safety!

In a previous post, I talked about Dutch Oven Cooking. You really can’t believe the yummy foods you can make using this versatile tool. I personally have tasted Boy Scout dishes like Gumbo, Corn bread, and Monkey bread that were cooked completely using a Dutch oven and some serious cooking skills.

For recipes, I would suggest checking out one of the many, many sites online.

However, I can offer you five tips for use and care.

First of all, either spray the inside of Dutch oven with Pam (or equivalent), coat it with butter, or for sticky desserts, line the inside with foil.

Second, never put cold water in a hot dutch oven. Believe it or not, the cast iron can and will break.

Third, be careful not to drop your dutch oven. Yes, it can crack but also, the thing is heavy and if it lands on your foot or someone else’s foot, it will really hurt.

Fourth, since you are cooking over an open fire, never leave your dutch oven unattended. If the fire flares up, the food inside will scorch and there is a serious risk of the fire spreading.

Finally, don’t be afraid to explore! Check out the different web sites out there. Experiment with different dishes; savory and sweet.

Remember, summer camping is closer than you think!


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