It’s not too spooky to be a Scout!

October is here. Pumpkin Spice pancakes are cooking. The kids are in their new neckerchiefs and hats. Things are starting to calm down after summer. A few new families have joined the pack. We aren’t sure who the Cubmaster will be next year, but some of those new parents seem like good potentials. The new tiger den has their paws on the right track, but a few more boys would really make it roar! And you keep wondering if that neighbor kid has heard of scouting, but you don’t want to be intrusive and ask …

Does this sound familiar in your pack?

The truth is, while September is over, recruiting is just beginning. You could even have the whole pack recruit while handing out candy to those trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Check out this cool recruiting card: cubscouthalloweenrecruiting

Recruiting for your Pack (or other Scouting unit) is truly a year round effort. While we talk about the ‘how to recruit’ often, we tend to neglect the why. While recruiting for your Pack can be tiresome and difficult, it is critical, not just for your Pack, but for a few other reasons too.

Half full dens are less fun. Simply, having 3-4 kids in a den, is not nearly as exciting for the youth as having a full den more in the 7-8 range. Part of this, is because not everyone can make every meeting. If you only have 3 kids to start with and 1 can’t make it, you’re in rough shape. But if you have 7 or 8 and a couple miss a meeting, the kids are still going to have fun.

Another aspect of why you should continue your recruitment efforts is that every child deserves Scouting. You have your son in Scouts, because you believe in the program. You know it’s a program that will help him develop character, skills and experiences that will help him throughout life. With that realization, doesn’t every child deserve to be in Scouting?

Lastly, the selfish reason. More kids in your Pack, means a larger pool of parents for potential leaders. This is great for a few reasons: more adults providing program which strengthens the diversity of the program, the committee has more people having less to do, and succession plans become far easier.

Make sure you have full dens, provide the opportunity to every child to be in Scouting, and increase the leadership pool for your Pack.  With all these great reasons why you should keep recruiting, what are you waiting for? Reach out to your District Executive today, and learn what you can do to keep recruiting.


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