Our Scouting Life! Adventures in Cub Scouts

Hello my name is Myles and I am a Boy Scout. I am writing a blog, with my mom, because I think it will be fun to share what I like about Scouts. I am a Wolf in Pack 325.  Last year I was in a different pack.  Both packs were fun.  My favorite things about Boy Scouts are the adventures and making new friends.  I liked making my pinewood derby car with my neighbor Jeff, selling popcorn, and going fishing.

My dad was a Boy Scout in the UK, my grandad was a Sea Scout and my Granny was a Den Leader.  I changed troops after I went to summer camp and met Izzy, she is also from the UK and has been running camps for a long time!  This is Izzy in the show at the end of our summer camp, she was very funny.  The other pictures are of me at Scout- O-Rama last year.  One is of me delivering Yoda on Pack 232’s obstacle course and the other is of my dad teaching me how to use a catapult.

Hi! My name is Michelle and I am Myles Mom, I am writing this blog with Myles to help him share his enthusiasm for Scouts.  Myles also has a sister, Maeghan, who is a Girl Scout.  I was not in Scouts and so I’m learning about the tradition of Scouting along with my kids.  My husband, who received the Chief Scout Award, the UK equivalent of an Eagle Scout, credits Scouts with teaching him more about leadership than his MBA!  Initially, my son joined the Scout troop associated with his school and he loved it from the beginning.  Scout-O-Rama was a big favorite!!

Summer camp was even more fun for Myles.  He particularly enjoyed being taught how to whittle and having the opportunity to go fishing.  One of the things I learned at last year’s Scout-O-Rama, is that it is not unusual for families to change troops or even for boys to join Boy Scouts when they are older.  Going to Scout-O-Rama, which is the largest Council Scouting event of the year is a great way to have fun and learn more about Boy Scouts.  This year Scout-O-Rama will be held May, 13 in History Park, San Jose.  Entry for a family is $10 (plus parking).  Units who sell tickets earn a 30% commission ($3 for every ticket sold).  Boys who sell tickets learn about goal setting and effective sales techniques plus they have the opportunity to earn a patch, gift rewards and if they sell 100 cards, a free council cub camp during 2017.



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